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When it comes to the coffee maker, this just might be the most neglected yet most used item in our kitchen, I know it is in mine. When it comes to cleaning my coffee maker I go all out. I want the coffee maker to come clean in the shortest amount of steps possible and in the end, will make the perfect cup of coffee every time and last much longer than not cleaning properly or at all in some cases.

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I try to clean my coffee maker about once a month or every other month depending on my busy schedule.

I have a 12 cup coffee maker and so I start the process by filling the carafe up to the 6 cup mark with water from the faucet. I then fill the rest of the way with “White Vinegar” until it reaches the 12 cup mark. I pour the vinegar and water solution in the machine as if brewing a pot of coffee, I add a filter as I normally would and turn the machine on to brew.

I use a coffee filter so that the solution can reach all the areas in the grounds area to clean any buildup from hard water or the oils left behind from the brewing process.

After the brewing cycle has finished I turn off the machine and let the solution sit for about 15 minutes, I then pour out the solution and repeat the process, only this time using a solution of 2 parts water to 1 parts vinegar and a new filter. (this would be 1 cup of vinegar forever 2 cups of water)

After brewing the second “cleaning” solution I turn off the machine, discard the solution and filter and rinse the carafe thoroughly. I then brew 2 pots of clean water each one followed by 15 minutes of “cooling” time.

*side note* Any brand of “White Vinegar” will do.

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