Peppers Cafe

Friends and Patrons,

Over a decade ago, I opened the Peppers you know to address a need. I had (and continue to have) a great love of food: its preparation, its conception, its appreciation–and of course, its consumption. My family, however, was almost exclusively interested in the last part. So I needed another family.

Food has always meant more to me than a means to survive. Peppers has gone through open signs, barstools, refrigerators, frying pans, and more ventilation fans than I care to count, yet its goal never changed and never wavered: to provide good, simple food. We have enjoyed providing a much-needed alternative in our fast food world. Busy people, it seems, do want to eat well.

If good, simple food was our intended goal, I feel we have surpassed it in ways I could never have imagined fourteen years ago. I think of the kid who came in an upset at the lack of French fries, only to come back time and again as a healthy teen to order the spring mix salad. I think of our community’s workers coming out of the sun or wind for a hard-earned lunch at our counters. I think of young couples having first dates on our porch. I think of beloved regulars mourning the loss with a departed father’s favorite soup. I think of welcome new faces stopping in, having passed by for years. I think of all of these people, and I can close Peppers with the conviction that we leave behind us a job well done.

Know that I mean “we” in every sense of the word. Peppers has seen dozens of hard workers come and go, young kids and seasoned professionals who filled this restaurant full of love and cheer even as the roaring flames and fast pace forged in them strength and pride. Over the years it even brought my first family closer together, and that alone is worth it all.

But most importantly, “we” are every one of you who have ever stopped in for a bite to eat. Whether you tried us for takeout once or sat with us for fourteen years, you have done us a great service by allowing us to become part of the community and part of your lives.

So I say thank you for the opportunity to serve every last meal, and to provide the warmth of good food and good company.

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Eat well, my friends!

Kate Rapine Peppers Cafe